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Meet Katie

Integrative Health Coach & Nutrition Expert

     I have long had a love affair with all things healthy, crunchy and organic.  I have spent over two decades in the natural health field, managing the sweetest health food store in the interior of Alaska.  I have spent countless hours researching subjects from diets to detoxes and everything in between.  You can find me reading the back of food labels in the grocery aisle, doing one of my favorite YouTube workouts or enjoying the beauty of nature with my family.  But after being blindsided with a diagnosis of an autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimotos), I began to question what I thought was a mostly healthy and active lifestyle.  I was confused, frustrated and overwhelmed - how could this happen to me?  I ate well, exercised regularly and looked like the picture of health. Until one day my heart started beating out of my chest, I couldn't sleep, I was anxious, depressed and losing weight. If that wasn't bad enough, my hair started falling out in chunks.  With my extensive background in natural health I thought I knew what supplements to take but nothing was working to "fix" the problem.


     I went to my doctor who dismissed my symptoms and said they would go away in time, that there was "nothing wrong" and it was "all in my head."  At that point, I knew I needed to take my health into my own hands and dive deeper than just finding a pill to alleviate my symptoms.  I had to get the root cause of what was happening and address the underlying issues to be able to move forward.


   I made mistakes on my healing journey, desperate to find answers, but the good news is that you don't have to.  I now have the tools and resources that will allow you to take a more direct path to healing.  

     Focusing on a "food first" approach, eliminating toxicities and replenishing deficiencies, as well as learning to manage stress, we build the foundations to optimal health.  By adding Functional Medicine Testing to uncover the root cause of dis-ease, we create a bio-individualized plan just for you based on your lab results.  You will have protocols designed specifically for your needs and goals.  Most importantly, you will have the support, encouragement and experience from someone who has traveled a similar path and found healing on the other side.  





Are you ready...
To dial in your nutrition?
To lose weight the healthy and natural way?
To improve your quality of life?
To follow a tailored program created just for you?
To have the support and accountability from a coach who is with you every step of the way?

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